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Welcome to my virtual hangar. I am pleased to share some of my experiences with you and hope that you enjoy what you find here.

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Autographed Books Available
Barry Schiff will personally autograph books purchased from this site. This is a unique opportunity to own some of the best known, most useful and highly respected books on flying, personally autographed by the author. You can even specify to whom you want Barry to autograph these books. Take advantage of this unique opportunity now!

Videos by Barry Schiff Proficient Flying Videos Available on DVD
Barry uses his accomplished teaching skills to help pilots visualize techniques and procedures that can make them safer pilots. He brings critical subjects to life and creatively uses his educational skills in a way that makes these lessons invaluable and memorable. Barry's video segments were chosen for worldwide viewing on Speedvision. Buy the full set now!

Codename: Peace Flight Video Join the Historic Peace Flight on DVD
On May 23, 1995 Barry Schiff led an historic flight from Jerusalem, Israel to Amman, Jordan -- Codename: Operation Peace Flight. This video is an emotional and stirring account of the first flight, civil or military, ever allowed between these two countries. Read the fascinating story about Barry's historic flight from Israel to Jordan. You can now watch the 47-minute video detailing this historic flight on YouTube.